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Written Arabic Letter Lam Canvas Motif Table

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Tags: Written, Arabic, Letter, Lam, Canvas, Motif, Table

Our Table Decorate It With Your Canvas To The Wall
Piece Canvas Dimensions Table
40 x 100 cm - 1 piece
HP 5500 PS pressure producing finest quality printing in our world in the machine are performed.
Printing on canvas is performed.
Interior prints are made. Definitely does not contain carcinogenic substances.
Our table also remains very much alive.
Table 3 chassis are being stretched to our CM. The pictures from the side continues.
When viewed from the side, the pictures even in view of disconnection is experienced.


We use 3 mm thick 2,5 mm thick cardboard and a sponge under the cloth texture.
In this way, our table has a very stylish appearance, the 3 dimensional picture is rendered.

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