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C440 Electronic Singer Sewing Machine Legacy

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Legacy C440 Electronic Singer sewing machine

*LCD touch screen

*over 200 different stitches and decorative pattern

*One-step automatic buttonhole of 13 different models to be able to open

*Maximum width of 7mm to be able to make piko

*1 x watch – nostalgic warm

*2 font

*Full cycle

*Adjustable stitch width and length

*3 LED light Starbright

*Direct access to frequently used patterns

*Electronic yarn cutting

*Electronic yarn tension

*Easy access to the numbered patterns

*2 x memory - type Combination to be able to save them in the memory of the pattern

*The pattern combination repeatedly to be able to make

*One pattern to be able to

*Programmable Needle up and down function

*Mirroring feature

*Up to 800 stitches per minute My Name

*Automatic thread replacing

*Double-needle function

*Double-needle side-by-side parallel to the seam (coverseam stitching and a decorative pattern to be able to make

*5-tier fabric printing pressure adjustment

*After we Stitch function sewing beginning and at the end of consolidation

*Back seam

*Auto Start-Stop key - tried to be able to work

*5 Step speed control

*Gear reduction

*Adjustable sewing speed gradual

*29 needle positions

*Warning tones can be switched on and off

*Screen contrast adjustment

*Bobbin winding thread cutter

*The presser foot to be used according to the pattern on the screen to be able to see

Marked *ways to migrate the thread

*Overlock stitching

*El-looking quilted seams

*Piko are Kanuri

*Fill pattern are Piko

*Horizontal and vertical mirroring Piko

*Hidden stitch to be able to

*To be able to sew zipper

*To be able to sew a button sewing buttons with the function of

*Flexible with the function stitch combed cotton jersey and knitwear to be able to sew

*Being able to aplike with a blanket stitch and decorative

*Optional feet rib, Kordonlama, curling the edge of the fabric to be able to sew hidden zipper

*China needle embroidery hoop with compliance, to be able to apply various techniques such as white work embroidery.

*Extra large work area (200 mm)

*Free arm sewing

*Built-in accessory box

*Quiet and cool operation

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