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MONDIAL Evo RX3 windshield hand protection I

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Mondial Evo RX3 Windshield Hand Protection I


Quality in terms of the structure manufactured with a very durable material, this beautiful a high degree of product variety provide security.


An easy fit for all motorcycles which can be mounted quite easily to the steering head in the same manner and by providing thisI the windshield Mondial Evo RX3 hand protectionat the same time, under the protection of a great the hands in cold weather. This beautiful stylish appearance that brings a different air to all vehicle models product range also from the front creates a pleasant impression. Safe in terms of each kind of offers the possibility.


Hands as big of a priority mounted in a horizontal manner to the front under protection while at the same time thanks to the reflectors from the front, especially at night able to see in a comfortable way. Spacious and stylish shape design made of along with in terms of visuals, public a product that everyone would enjoy. This the quality and security of mondial evo rx3 i windshield and hand protection variety within our company the most affordable prices large in the frame in a trust for yourself or buy as a gift you may receive.



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