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Dark Brown Brick Patterned Curtains Curtain Ecru Zebra Transitive

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what is zebra curtain?

Zebra curtain models constitute the gaps between the horizontal strips of the contrast, since it was named by analogy with the zebra pattern.

Zebra Curtain Features

- Zebra curtain our fabrics are double-storied are. Thus, the drapery of tulle and at the same time, they will see task.

- Zebra Curtains 30% light transmission is available with. Karartmaz and prevents the appearance of the inside environment from the outside.

- in our store, zebra blinds, roller blinds, curtain, voile roller blinds and other curtain used in the model, frame size, aluminum chassis. Aluminum casing our products with long-lasting.

- high quality metal chain curtain is made of plastic material and on the mechanism of our dress up operation is performed.

- the chain of all screens our team used 1. Made of first class material.

- our fabrics are 100% polyester.

-polyester fabric properties: polyester fabric, shiny, sturdy, flexible, smooth and lightweight fabric.It dries easily.Much does not require ironing, does not wrinkle. Keeps the given shape with the iron for a long time.Soft to the touch and is ipeks.Stain-repellent structure. Is not affected by moths and pests.

- that you purchased your curtains you can do with a damp or soapy sponge for cleaning.

- when taking your measurements, "how to measure" you can get help from our video guide, or see the following measurement.

- all our products are sent to the mounting apparatus with the ceiling and cornice.

Zebra curtain what is the measure?

-a measurement is being taken while the first curtain of the veil considered to be single-or double-track if necessary.

-one-piece curtain the best measure of 15 cm from the right and the left if you have the wall space will be added. Measure the height of a cornice from the ceiling or over the window is taken and added to 15 cm until marble.

-Part curtain in the, the best measure of the wall of the end window, if you have the space in the same way by adding 15 cm to the right and left sides in the manner is taken. The size of the pieces around the window centered and without a gap between them is taken.The need for a space of 3 cm between them mechanism when mounted curtains will remain. Measure the height of a cornice from the ceiling or over the window is taken and added to 15 cm until marble.

- non cavity Wall claws, the best measure of the width of the window is taken 1 cm from the right and left short.Measure the height of a cornice or ceiling are taken and added to 15 cm until marble from window.
- from the ground up in the window and the door while a measurement is being taken from the left and right wall if you have the space to 15 cm will be added.The measure of size is taken from the ceiling or cornice is added to till the ground 15 cm.

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