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Chickpeas White Village 500 Gr

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  • $9.21

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Chickpeas White Village 500 Gr

PRODUCTS ARE THEIR OWN PHOTOS! Our company, which has developed with more than 42 years of experience in the nuts and dried fruit sector, is represented by its production facilities in Bad Oldesloe and Gaziantep, with its headquarters in Hamburg. The most special thing about Meray products is that they are prepared in accordance with high quality standards such as IFS quality management, by combining oriental traditional roasting recipes with the latest technology opportunities. The selection of the best raw materials and close cooperation with our customers are the basis of our success, but also the cornerstone of increasing the diversity and quality of our product range. All of these are of critical importance in the presence of the Meray brand in Europe and in more than 50 countries, in the marketing and distribution of its products in these countries, by working closely with the retail chains that are in the leading position in the market.

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